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This product is sewn-upon-order and may take up to 2-8 weeks for completion.  The completion time is due to our work schedule which often requires travel, and the number of orders already in queue.   From time-to-time we may limit orders and only offer those already pre-sewn and in stock for immediate shipping.


These T-shirts are designed to coordinate with our human Smart Doll Chibi T-shirts. We use the same graphic illustrations for our these shirts as their human counterparts, but the shirt colors will not be an exact match.  


This item is completely made in-house. We design and print the fabric ourselves, using sublimation printing techniques.  Because it is handmade there may be minor differences between items or small imperfections.

  • Smart Doll/Mirai Suenaga illustrations designs have been used with the  permission of their creator, Danny Choo.


T-Shirt Type:

  • Standard T-shirt ($35):  This shirt pattern uses inset sleeves and contains a standhole in the back.  This is the most versatile fit and fits  both Smart Doll girls and guys .  It will fit the girl's S-XL bust, the ADYKA Flex Bust, and Smart Doll boys (including the macho chest). 
  • Simple T-shirt ($30):  Slightly shorter than the standard T-shirt, with attached sleeves and no stand hole.  This fit is best for the default (S) and medium busts.  



  • Deviously Cute (Smart Doll Devil Chibi)
  • Wildly Cute (Our own design inspired by Smart Doll illustrations and fashions)
  • Fierce But Cute (Smart Doll Fox Kigurumi Chibi)
  • No Sheeps Left to Give (Smart Doll Chitpose Sheep Chibi)



  • Gray, Taupe, Yellow, Tangerine Orange, Light Blue, Pink, Lilac and Mint Green


Please Note:

  • Shirts are designed for Smart Doll proportions, and do not open in the back.  They may fit similar 50-60 cm dolls but we do not guarantee they will fit other manufacturer’s dolls.
  • Item is made from new high count polyester fabric made specifically for sublimation printing.  We have selected this fabric for it's ideal weight, stretch content and "cotton" feel.
  • Designs are printed directly onto the fabric in our studio before the item is sewn sewing using professional grade sublimation techniques.  
  • Internal seams are serged (some hems have been intentionally left raw to reduce bulk).   
  • Coordinating Human clothing will not be an exact match due to differences in color tones and pattern styles.



Coordinating T-shirts for Smart Dolls

PriceFrom $30.00
Out of Stock
  • The internal side of the fabric is white (cuff, necklines etc, will contact the vinyl). We have not observed any staining after several weeks of wear by our own dolls.  Although we have done our best to minimize staining risks we cannot guarantee them to be stain free.  Please use stain prevention measures and avoid leaving the dolls in clothing containing dark colors for an extended period of time.

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