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In stock and ready to ship (quantities limited).


Graphic T-shirt for Smart Doll Guys and Girls!  Available in  white, blue or mint green graphic T-shirt with  "Keep Calm It's Only Chaos" printed in black vinyl on the front. Fits a wide range of bust sizes, including the ADYKA Flex bust and both the slim and macho Smart Doll Boy chests.  A Coordinating Human T-shirt is also available.  


This item is completely made in-house. Because it is handmade there may be minor differences between items or small imperfections.

  • Shirt is made using the official Smart Doll Boy T-shirt pattern by Danny Choo.
  • Smart Doll/Mirai Suenaga illustrations, designs, and patterns have been used with the permission of their creator, Danny Choo. 


Please Note:

  • Shirts are designed for Smart Dolls proportions, and do not open in the back.  They may fit other 50-60 cm dolls but we do not guarantee they will fit brands.
  • This design contains a stand hole in the back seam to enable use with either a Smart Doll tail or the Smart Doll Stand.
  • Item is made from new, pre-washed fabric
  • HTV vinyl lettering & design
  • Fabric content is a polyester/spandex blend and internal seams are serged (some hems have been intentionally left raw to reduce bulk).  



    Keep Calm It's Only Chaos T-shirt for Smart Dolls

    • Fabrics have been treated to  minimize stain risk, but are not guaranteed to be stain free.  Fabrics are tested on our own dolls, but due to environmental differences please use caution as all vinyl dolls can be prone to staining.   It is recommended not to store your dolls in dark colored clothing or leave them in poses which allow their hands etc. to be in prolonged contact with dark fabrics for significant amounts of time.  Stain prevention suits are always encouraged.

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