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Madeline & Malachi Dressel

"If we are going to be the creepy doll people, we're going to own it."


Collecting and restoring vintage dolls has always been a joint passion. In 2016 we started collecting child-size "companion" dolls from the late 1950s and early 1960s, such as Ideal's Playpal doll line. These toddler size dolls quickly became both our muse and art medium. We incorporate them into both elaborate and simple scenes that evoke gone-by eras and poke gentle fun at current trends.  We incorporate mid-century modern details, ourselves and our pets into the scene to create a surreal reality.   In 2018, at the urging of family and friends with whom shared our photos and had been on the receiving end of "family" Christmas cards, we began sharing our photos on instagram.  Our username, is a play on the soap opera "All My Children."  We were essentialy discovered when a writer for the Daily Mail came across our Instagram account and asked to do a feature on our collection (Daily Mail Article (Jan. 2019)).  After that, our collection was featured in short 8 minute documentary produced by Barcroft TV.  It's no longer on Youtube, but you can watch the video here:  Daily Mail Article (Jul. 2019)

As you might imagine, there are a lot of questions (and misconceptions) about our hobby - which we've tried to clear up in our Frequently Asked Questions.

In addition to the "children" we are avid collectors of many other dolls.  We discovered Smart Dolls, 60 cm Japanese anime-style dolls in late 2018 and Malachi acquired our first one in 2019.  Since then our collection has grown immensely and we spent much of our time during the pandemic lockdowns designing clothes and accessories for them, which eventually culminated in opening our Etsy Shop, AllMyPlasticChildren.

Family Photo All.jpeg

2019 family photograph featuring the life-size dolls in our collection.  Photo Credit:  Madeline & Malachi Dressel.

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