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This listing is for one, striped, flexible, posable, fluffy Smart Doll tail.  Select from standard or extra fluffy with your choice of two colors.  Tails are handmade using yarn and wire in our studio and fit securely into the socket of the Smart Doll stand hole.   


The Extra Fluff option is extremely fluffy - please see the product photos for more examples.


This item is  handmade handmade in our studio, therefore there may be minor differences between items or small imperfections.

Tails are made-upon-order so please allow for manufacture time which varies based on the number of items ordered.


Although we try to represent the colors as best as possible the colors shown may appear different due to differences in dye lots and computer monitor settings.  If ordering multiple matching tails - leave a note induring checkout requesting the materials used come from the same dye lots.


Dolls, clothing, props etc. are not included.  Examples are shown but the final product will vary due to your color choices and the natural variation introduced by the production process.  


Fox Tail for Smart Doll

PriceFrom $35.00
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  • Our tails are designed to fit securely in the Smart Doll stand socket. Please note that your doll cannot wear a tail and use the Smart Doll stand at the same time.  However, because the tails are designed to be a flexible armature you can use them to provide extra support.  

    Our tails are handmade using yarn and wire to create a full, fluffy effect.  Due to the hand production process, there are always slight variations between tails and colors due to things such as the yarn dye lot used and how they fibers combine during the spinning process.

    The wire tail armature is approximately 12" in length, but may vary by 1 inch, the length of the fibers (particularly extra fluff tails) will make the tail appear longer.  The fluffiness level will vary according to the yarn type (which can vary by color choice) -what is "extra fluffy" for one type of yarn may appear to be more or less full than a tail produced from a different type of yarn due to stiffness of the fibers.  

    Please be aware that colors will vary between yarn dye lots.  If you are ordering multiple tails of identical color in the same order you can request that we use yarn with the same dye lot in your order notes.  Unfortunately, we cannot match dye lots between different order.

    Because our tails are designed to fit into the Smart Doll stand socket, if you purchase a tail for another brand of doll it is the buyer’s responsibility to develop a method to attach it to do the doll or clothing.


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