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We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas Everyone! Yes, we've been re-miss in keeping up with the blog despite our very best intentions! We barely got our family Christmas cards mailed before Christmas, and with a heavy pre-Christmas work-travel load I did not get have the chance to document our plastic progeny's yearly accomplishments! Luckily we have a blog - so I can update you all right here!

As always, I marvel that our children remain so much the same, year after year. It certainly does does cut down on the shoe and clothing budget. The most evident change to the family is that is has grown....considerably. However, these new additions aren't members of the immediate family, rather they are friends, cousins, neighbors and relatives of our plastic brood (that live at our house, of course). Our nuclear family, Baker, Sarah-Ann, Polly-Marie and Syroco (all named after authentic mid-century plastics in case you were wondering) have had a very exciting year after being catapulted into viral fame through their Barcroft Media production (LINK). Luckily, their father and I have been very strict about not letting it go to their heads and have carefully limited their screen time so that we can avoid them turning into little celebrity divas!

Since you must naturally be as invested in our children's activities as we are here, is a quick update on what each of them have been doing this year (beyond going viral).

  • Baker: Sadly, Baker has not had as much time to devote to his equestrian career as he would have liked. He'll be receiving an authentic velvet riding helmet for Christmas, safety equipment is so important, and we feel certain that this will spur him back into practicing during the coming year! If a career as a professional dressage champion does not work out, we feel certain that he can find gainful employment as an architect due to the exceptional talent he has demonstrated this year with his legos.

  • Sarah-Ann: Sarah-Ann has been a very busy girl this year. Earlier this year she helped Malachi to rebuild his motorcycle's carburetor, and during Halloween she showed a precocious talent for knife tricks which you can see her demonstrate in this video (her twist wrists serve her very well). Such a unique hobby, although we did have to draw the line at allowing her to practice knife throwing skills using an apple balanced on Baker's head...

  • Polly-Marie: Ever the little mother, Polly-Marie is an excellent baker and got to showcase her skills during the Barcroft Media documentary!

  • Syroco: Everyone's darling, Syroco continues to surprise us with her ingenuity. She shows a real aptitude with animals and is making excellent progress with her organic chicken farm as well as continuing to manage our IT needs.

As to Malachi and I, we've been busy staging and shuttling the children between various photoshoots and projects, most of which we feature on our Instagram Page. We're so delighted that you've been following and enjoying our exploits this year and plan to bring you many more delightfully weird and wonderful creations in 2020. I hope to be able to find more time (fingers crossed) to keep this blog active and share with you not just the final creations but more behind-the-scenes stories and some of our other collecting passions. What would you like to see us feature?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

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